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Welcome to LONAP

LONAP is a neutral, not-for-profit Internet Exchange Point based in London, enabling peering between 150 members. We operate a network of interconnected switches at major data centres in London. We provide a professionally run, uncongested peering fabric which helps lower interconnection costs between service providers and other network operators. Operators can also grow their product portfolio and resell LONAP connectivity to networks without a presence in London.

We operate in six sites in the London Docklands and City areas:

We operate multiple VLANs including IPv4&6 Unicast, and IPv4 Multicast. We also provide members with private VLANs between each other if required.

In addition to these sites, you may be able to connect to LONAP via a third party layer 2 network, fibre or wavelength. Please contact us with details of your location and we will advise you of your options.

You can read more about the benefits of membership, see a list of our current members or view our fees. If you are ready to join or have some questions, please contact us.


LONAP is a member of Euro-IX

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