Internet Exchange Point
AGM 2019


Election Candidates

The board consists of four elected directors and one appointed director.

Elected director Jody Botham is standing down by rotation.

UPDATE: 30 December 2019, 12:34pm: Jody Botham has since decided to withdraw his candidacy due to a change in personal circumstances.

There will be one vacancy on the LONAP board for elected directors.

We have received two nominations for a seat on the LONAP board:

1. David CROFT of Comtec Enterprises Ltd. (t/a Sargasso Networks) (AS42579). He was proposed by David Croft of Comtec Enterprises Ltd. (t/a Sargasso Networks) (himself).

2. Ronan MULLALLY of Akamai (AS20940). He was proposed by Niels Bakker of Akamai.

There is one seat available on the LONAP board and we have received two nominations. We will therefore hold a vote to elect a candidate to the board.

You can vote online

The election statements are published below.


I am a lifelong technology enthusiast, an experienced software developer, and a network engineer with an international portfolio as technical lead on numerous high-profile and celebrated projects - from the heights of the Shard to the green pastures of the biennial Electromagnetic Field hacker festival. I formed my own ISP Sargasso Networks in New York in 2000 and have been passionate about networking ever since. Working as a consultant over the past two decades, I have also built numerous networks for clients small and large across a wide variety of industries, from the simplest to the most complex international networks.

LONAP for me has always been the IXP focussed on delivering value to the smaller members as well as the large. This is why I chose to join when I built my first network in the UK back in 2007. As we carry significant VoIP traffic, peering to me isn't simply about cost or capacity, but also about delivering improved quality and reliability. An internet exchange has to give benefit in more than just its price point, especially in these days where the sums alone often don't side with a strategy of peering at all.

I am determined that LONAP continues to support networks of all sizes and I feel it is important that the board continues to have representation from smaller members. I will bring a strong technical knowledge and a background in the industry, an understanding of the needs of the small to medium companies that make up a significant part of the membership, a belief in balancing ambitious development with stability and continuity, and a desire to keep LONAP fresh and relevant in its services.

LONAP and its members have benefitted over the years from exceptional engineering competence, a stable and growing exchange, and a strong community, and it is my goal to lend my own experience and skill to foster all of these through the next years of its history. With Jody's departure, there is again a need for technical expertise on the board to complement the other board members, and I ask for your vote.


From Ireland On-Line in the early 1990s to Akamai Technologies - with a spell en route in XchangePoint operating IXPs in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Hamburg - I have been fortunate to work in a variety of roles and perspectives over the past 25 years. I have acquired considerable experience in a number of areas, including peering and interconnection. Having spent time on both sides of the content / consumer equation, as well as the IX fabric in between has given me a good understanding of the wider interconnection ecosystem.

Akamai is present at numerous IXPs and values the important role they play. Engagement with and active support of the IXP community is encouraged. If elected I would welcome the opportunity to put my experience to use for the good of LONAP and its members.