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Andy Davidson

This page is about a member of staff or a member of the board who is no longer with LONAP. It is preserved for historical interest and is likely to be out of date.
  • Andy Davidson
  • Andy Davidson Director (12 September 2007 — 11 October 2017) view profile

    Andy has helped to build a variety of Internet Exchange Points in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. As of 2017, in addition to his work as a LONAP director, he chairs the board of the UK’s only independent exchange in the North, IXLeeds. He is also a council member of NAPAfrica, and on the board of the European Internet Exchange Association.

    Previously, he was a Director and CTO of Allegro Networks, the world’s first fully automatic private peering platform. Before this he worked in senior roles at European, Middle Eastern and American ISPs and hosting companies.