Internet Exchange Point

LONAP Code of Conduct

From its earliest days, LONAP has been focused on bringing all those that can contribute to its success together, equally. This equality in voice and power of members has carried through to the individuals who represent these organisations on LONAP mailing lists and at LONAP meetings and social events.

While LONAP is proud of the friendly, relaxed and open atmosphere that exists at its gatherings, the maintenance of a professional, inclusive and respectful environment for all participants, whether online or in person, is paramount. All speakers, attendees and participants on mailing lists are expected to abide by these principles.

If you believe someone has been acting contrary to this approach or if you have suggestions on making LONAP and its meetings even more inclusive, then do please get in contact and let us know.

Please contact any of the management team or, if you prefer, the current LONAP chairperson.