Internet Exchange Point

LONAP Vision

Our Vision:

To be the best place to interconnect networks in the UK.

Our Mission:

  • To provide our interconnection service in a reliable and cost-effective manner.
  • To encourage the development and sharing of ideas, tools and information that supports the best practice of our industry.
  • To actively promote knowledge-sharing that helps engineers within our community, and those who would like to join, to develop the skills and competencies required.
  • To represent our members to the wider community and encourage participation at LONAP from networks present in, and outside of, the UK.

Our Values:

We are owned by and run for the benefit of our members. We will provide our interconnection service at the best value to our members, in a manner that is easy to consume and aids our community to follow the best industry practice as it evolves. We will always treat our members and their employees fairly, equally and respectfully.