Internet Exchange Point
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London Access Point

    • Member Networks

    • Traffic exchanged between LONAP members, reduces volumes sent through upstream providers, reduces IP transit cost and bandwidth usage. Our membership includes ISPs, network operators and content providers with their own data networks. We provide regular opportunities for members to network and meet new suppliers, and support operators in growing their portfolio and reselling LONAP connectivity to networks outside of London.
    • About LONAP

    • LONAP is a "not for profit" Layer 2 Internet Exchange Point (IXP) based in London. Our data-centres host a network of interconnected switches providing free-flowing peering to help minimise interconnection costs. We provide exclusive connectivity between members, who are effectively LONAP stakeholders. This ensures that LONAP members enjoy excellent value and maximum benefits.
    • Convenience & Efficiency

    • LONAP delivers increased convenience and efficiency, including the benefits of a faster, smoother internet experience for end-users - streaming video, browsing websites or using VoIP services. This is the result of significant investment in an Arista Networks switching infrastructure, providing member-facing connections up to 100 Gbps. We also operate two popular Route Servers that simplify the process of peering for members.

As a UK based ISP, LONAP provides the perfect platform for connecting our network and also for networking with our peers — both of which have been a real boost for our business.

Jonathan Thornhill Ask4 Limited