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Ian Chilton

This page is about a member of staff or a member of the board who is no longer with LONAP. It is preserved for historical interest and is likely to be out of date.
  • Ian Chilton
  • Ian Chilton DevOps Engineer view profile

    Ian joined us in 2019 to bring significant experience in operations, system administration and development after a few years managing the systems, services and a large virtualisation platform at a hosting company providing thousands of virtual machines to customers.

    Ian is passionate about technology, performance, security and reliability. He’s constantly striving to understand how things work and a fun day out is a data centre visit. He’s been tasked with improving, maintaining and automating our systems and network.

    When he’s not wrangling servers or code, he can be found sound engineering at local churches/events, playing electric guitar, tinkering with home automation, electronics or amateur radio and watching Formula 1 racing.

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