Internet Exchange Point


As a not-for-profit membership organisation we aim for long term income/expenditure neutrality, although it is necessary for us to ensure we have enough funds to meet the expansion requirements of the company and to meet any immediate needs that may arise.

  • Item

  • Fee

  • 1GE
  • £70 per month
  • 10GE
  • £299 per month
  • 40GE
  • £900 per month
  • 100GE
  • £1,000 install
    £1,750 per month
  • Port Channel / LAG ** (Combine ports for capacity reasons - e.g. 2x10GE)
  • FREE
  • We are able to offer 2 x 1G or 2 x 10G LAGs using bidirectional optics (1000Base-BX10-U or equivalent 10G) Two ports can be connected using only one pair of single mode fibre, saving additional crossconnect cabling requirements, and offering an quick upgrade path for existing single mode fibre connections. Please contact us for advice on which optics/wavelengths to use.
  • Private VLANs between members
  • FREE - Single MAC address per port

Membership is included with any directly connected port.

All fees shown above EXCLUDE VAT at 20% (current UK rate) and are due on 30 day terms. All services are subject to availability and at the discretion of the board.

All connections are available via singlemode fibre only, we do not support new copper connections.

Although there is no joining fee to become a member, you will be required to pay for the cost of cabling to connect from your location within one of our facilities to our point of presence. We will help you arrange this.

Organisations that would like to peer on the Exchange but do not wish to become members of the company may do so, at the discretion of the LONAP Board, by entering into a commercial contract which attracts a premium of 25% on top of the above fees.