Internet Exchange Point


As a not-for-profit membership organisation we aim for long term income/expenditure neutrality, although it is necessary for us to ensure we have enough funds to meet the expansion requirements of the company and to meet any immediate needs that may arise.

Fees from 1st April 2023

  • Item

  • Monthly Fee

  • Monthly Fee (Direct Debit) *

    • 2 Gbps on 10 GE
    • £70
    • £70
    • 4 Gbps on 10 GE
    • £120
    • £95
    • 10 GE (10GBASE-LR)
    • £175
    • £150
    • 10 Gbps on 100 GE†
    • £175
    • £150
    • 20 Gbps on 100 GE†
    • £325
    • £300
    • 40 GE (40GBASE-LR4)
      40 Gbps on 100 GE†
    • £600
    • £575
    • 100 GE (100GBASE-LR4 or 100GBASE-LR)
    • £1,200
    • £1,175
    • 400GE (400GBASE-LR4)
    • £2,950
    • £2,925
    • Port Channel / LAG
    • FREE
    • Private VLANs between members
    • FREE

* Direct debit facility is currently only available for UK bank accounts.

† Partial speed (fractional) ports are provided using inbound rate-limiting and outbound rate-shaping. Upgrades to the corresponding full port speed are available at any time.

All fees shown above EXCLUDE VAT at 20% (current UK rate), are priced in GBP, and are due on 30 day terms. All services are subject to availability and at the discretion of the board.

The 1GE (1000Base-LX) service is withdrawn from new supply with effect from 18th January 2024. Existing ports are charged at £70pcm.


All connections are available via single-mode fibre only; we do not support new copper connections.

Although there is no joining fee to become a member, you will need to order and pay for any crossconnect(s) from your location within one of our facilities to our point of presence. We will provide demarcation information and Letter of Authority (LoA) for you to arrange this.

In exceptional circumstances where a member is not able to order crossconnects, or it is prohibitively expensive (beyond the facility's usual crossconnect fees) LONAP will consider ordering crossconnects on behalf of the member. All associated recurring and non-recurring fees will be passed on to the member, plus an administration fee. Depending on the facility, this may need to be paid in advance before LONAP orders the crossconnect. We will consider this on a case-by-case basis.


Membership is included with any directly connected port.

Organisations wishing to peer on the exchange but do not wish to become a member of the company may do so at the discretion of the LONAP Board, by entering into a commercial contract which attracts a premium of 25% on top of the above fees.

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