Internet Exchange Point


LONAP is a mutual Internet Exchange Point.

Low-cost, high-quality peering.
Connecting your network to LONAP in London can…
Improve the speed and consistency of packet delivery to other ISPs.
Provide a reliable gateway to networks in the UK and beyond.
Reduce the cost of your internet transit.
Members first

As a non-profit IXP owned by our members, we're committed to keeping our costs down and focusing on our core mission to provide efficient interconnectivity for the UK Internet.

You can connect for as little as £70 a month.

Table of Fees
The place to peer

We enable internet operators to exchange traffic at all major data centres in London, UK. Since 1997, we've been operating a reliable not-for-profit peering exchange which provides great value for our members. If you operate a network and have an AS number, we can improve your peering.

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