Internet Exchange Point

New LONAP Members Q4 2019

We are pleased to welcome the following new members to LONAP, who joined the exchange in the fourth quarter of 2019:

Member ASN Joined Route Servers Website
Limelight Networks 22822 (PeeringDB) 09/10/2019 Yes
Sohonet Ltd 16164 (PeeringDB) 25/10/2019 Yes
39D Services 34979 (PeeringDB) 08/11/2019 Yes
Meanie 31019 (PeeringDB) 09/11/2019 Yes  
BrightStar 42228 (PeeringDB) 04/12/2019 Yes
ABSA 14115 (PeeringDB) 12/12/2019 Yes

Members peering with the route servers will already automatically be exchanging routes with the new members who have also joined the route servers. For other members, you can find contact information needed for peering requests in PeeringDB or in the member portal.

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