Internet Exchange Point



The LONAP AGM 2021 will take place on 2nd February 2022.

Zoom invitations will be sent out during the morning of the 2nd February to everyone who registered for the meeting.

Date Wednesday 2nd February 2022
Time 14:00 GMT
Venue Online (Zoom Meeting)


13:45 Meeting opens
14:00 - 14:20 Official AGM, Board Candidates Presentation and Election
14:20 - 15:00 LONAP Presentations (Technical and Commercial Updates)
after 15:00 Board Election Result

Key Dates

15th December 2021 Call for Nominations for the LONAP Board
5th January 2022 Nominations close
7th January 2022 AGM and Board candidates announced; Registration opens
31st January 2022 Proxy appointment registration closes
2nd February 2022 AGM


All LONAP members are invited to the Annual General Meeting.

Copies of the latest accounts and minutes of the previous meeting are available in the Member Document Store (member login required)
(Please note that if you see an empty folder, you will need to login first.)

Board Elections

The board consists of four elected directors and one appointed director.

  • Elected director Martin Levy is standing down by rotation.
    • Martin is eligible to stand for election again, however he has indicated his intention NOT to do so.

FOUR nominations were received and are listed below in alphabetical order:

  1. David BARKER of 4D Data Centres Ltd.
    • Proposed by Sebastien Lahtinen of NetConnex Broadband Ltd.
    • Seconded by Edward Dore of Freethought Internet Ltd.
  2. Michael DALY of Subspace Inc.
    • Proposed by Justin Grow of Subspace Inc.
    • Seconded by Tom Strickx of CloudFlare Inc.
  3. Jamie LESLEY of Netflix Luxembourg S.Ãr.l. (t/a Netflix)
    • Proposed by Dan Goscomb of HighSpeed Office Ltd.
    • Seconded by Alex Bloor of Andrews & Arnold Ltd.
  4. Richard PALMER of Merula Ltd.
    • Proposed by Leslie Costar of ICUK Computing Services Ltd.
    • Seconded by Charles Lyons of ConnetU Ltd.

There is one seat available on the LONAP board and we have received four nominations. We will therefore hold a vote to elect one candidate to the board.

Voting will take place using the Single Transferable Vote System using the Electoral Reform Society ERS97 STV Rules. This will be explained on the voting form. The results will be announced as soon as possible after the conclusion of the AGM.

The election statements are published below.

Election Statements

  • David BARKER

I’m the founder and CTO of 4D Data Centres, a company I started 22 years ago as a small hosting reseller and since grown into operating our own UK data centres, network and cloud platforms. I am also involved with TechUK, the UK’s technology industry body, for both data centres and cloud services councils.

LONAP as a member led organisation has an important role to play in maintaining the quality of UK Internet services as well as providing a neutral meeting point for various providers not only to exchange traffic but to also work on common issues, provide training on network best practices and allowing members to engage with each other.

LONAP maintaining its heritage within the UK IXP market remains a trusted IXP providing excellent value to its members, especially newer networks with an attractive port cost, good range of existing peers and stable infrastructure.

I feel that this can be continued and built upon to ensure LONAP maintains its reputation and value over the next 10 years.

  • Increasing member engagement. Events, social and training opportunities for members. Ensuring that members can meet several times per year to socialise and exchange ideas.
  • Raising LONAP’s profile as a long-standing, highly reliable IXP with vast experience in the Internet industry. LONAP is an example for a well-run, membership led organisation and a real voice within the UK Internet industry.
  • Growing the number of peers and traffic volumes. By increasing engagement internally with members and raising the profile of LONAP and IXPs externally, we can attract new peers to the IXP and improve value for existing members.

LONAP is one of the best value IXPs available, and I believe that we can continue to deliver for members with the right combinations of services making better use of existing networks, attracting new peers, increasing membership engagement and raising the profile of LONAP as an organisation.

4D has been a member of LONAP for around 15 years, over that time the UK Internet landscape has changed significantly with increasing traffic levels, increasing importance of consistent network reliability and increasing reliance on networks for day-to-day life.

Through my time with 4D I’ve taken many roles from building our first BGP network in 2005 through to overseeing technology strategy, fund raising, managing customer commercial arrangements, securing our ISO certifications, managing board level risks, and running the finance team. This provides me with a wide range of experience which I can transfer to the LONAP board to provide robust governance as well as advice on strategies for growing the number of peers and increasing member engagement.

If anyone wishes to ask any questions, please reach out to me directly and I’ll be happy to answer them as best I can and look forward to speaking with as many members as possible.

  • Michael DALY

Having spent the last dozen years or so building global internet infrastructure I have come to understand the importance of peering organizations, the benefit they bring to the internet and the importance of them being stable and dependable organizations. I have been very fortunate to work with some great people and organizations in this industry who have helped me develop businesses and a great career and I see this as an opportunity to give back to the internet community.

I would bring to the board experience from a diverse set of organizations and sectors which I believe can help keep LONAP growing and maturing its position as part of the Internet’s critical infrastructure.

  • Jamie LESLEY

Many of you may remember I stood last at the last elections, I am back again with the same mission and I still believe in my purpose.

The London peering and interconnect community has always been central to my focus and I have been a regular and active attendee at LONAP meetings since 2010. In addition to this I was part of the LINX programme committee for 8 years.

During the various roles in my career so far, I have worked across all layers of the OSI network model. Since the beginning of this year, I have been a member of the Netflix EMEA network partnerships team, focusing on improving network efficiency and improving member experience. Prior to this, I was responsible for Twitch/AWS IVS network and interconnection strategy in APAC and EMEA.

Netflix and the Open Connect team fully support my application to join the LONAP board as it closely aligns with what we’re trying to achieve as an organisation: grass-roots building of internet exchanges and the development of a strong, local community to increase efficiency and drive down costs. With the current regulatory challenges upcoming with reviews of Net Neutrality in the UK, I am extremely committed to ensure that the current net neutrality laws are upheld and LONAP plays an important part in this.

I would like to act as a totally accessible member of the LONAP board to members and work to encourage continued open discussion about the exchange, it’s development and future.

With my varied background, I would seek to bring to the role a measured and experienced approach to help governing LONAP and would be deeply invested in its success. I would like to support the continued growth in membership, traffic, and further reductions in port pricing to deliver increasing value to members. I believe both in fostering deep relationships and further encouraging peering, and LONAP is very well placed to deliver this as a manoeuvrable organisation.

  • Richard PALMER

I have been working within the Internet industry since 1994 - forming Merula in 1996. We have been a member of LONAP for more years than I care to remember. It feels the right time that after my years of benefiting from the service LONAP offers that I step up and help support LONAP strive for current and new members. Through my experience as a smaller ISP I would support all members – however like to think I can add some extra insight from the smaller but growing Networks.

LONAP is a real gem in the peering world with a strong and successful network. In recent years it has grown in strength with the staff and new network to encourage both large and small networks to peer.

I’d like to encourage the growth and investment as needed to ensure LONAP remains one of the best IXPs and ensure that those current and new members continue to see the benefits of connecting and making peering worthwhile even in times (as now) of ever decreasing transit costs.

Over the last few years the changes in working practices have made considerable changes to the internet usage at home and businesses. LONAP has shown it has the capacity and stability to support that. LONAP needs to ensure that it remains faithful to it’s core and original values, working with all members, listening and building the future based on feedback and looking forward to ensure that it stays on top of anything the future may hold.

Please consider supporting my election to the board of LONAP – I will do all I can to ensure all members feel valued and LONAP continues to support the members and their needs.