Internet Exchange Point

LONAP: 21 Years of Peering

LONAP first started switching packets in 1997 from a single site in Telehouse North; in the intervening years we have grown steadily to the point where we are connecting a couple of hundred members at eight locations throughout London.

We cordially invite our members, friends and their partners to celebrate 21 Years Of Peering in the mutual way with a Summer BBQ along with the usual refreshments. We have chosen this venue for its relaxed atmosphere; there will be a live band followed by a DJ. Dress code is “Engineer” i.e. shorts and T Shirt are very acceptable.

This is a private event for LONAP members and invited guests to celebrate LONAPs 21 years of success!

Please follow the link below to register yourself and any guests.

Introduction to Peering and BGP Routing Training (June 2018)
BGP Session Culling - BCP214