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Introduction to Peering and BGP Routing Training (December 2019)

We are pleased to announce another Introduction to Routing, Peering & BGP course in December 2019.

Who should attend?

Ideal for anyone wishing to learn the principles of Service Provider networks: Internet Peering, Transit, and how to understand and create a BGP configuration and routing policy.

Course Prerequisites

  • CCNA or equivalent experience and/or;
  • Being engaged in a role within a peering network, (e.g. NOC, network teams, peering or operations)
  • You will need to bring a laptop computer with WiFi and power supply.
  • You will need an SSH2 client installed such as PuTTY (windows) or in-built “ssh” terminal for Mac
  • Some prior knowledge of using the Cisco/Arista or similar CLI would be beneficial, but is not essential.

What’s it like?

The course starts with a refresher on Layers 1-3 in the OSI model (Cabling, Layer 2 networking, IP Subnetting) and covers the principles of Service Provider networks: Transit, Peering, Autonomous Systems, routing protocols.

You will start with a blank configuration, and over two days build a fully working network with BGP.

Using hands-on labs, we guide participants through configuring two routers running OSPF (as an example IGP) with iBGP and eBGP sessions to multiple Transit networks, and then establish peering with other participants both directly and via a route server.

Note: Although we do cover IPv6 addressing in this course, the configurations are done with IPv4. However, the principles for BGP are the same for IPv6.

The afternoon of day 2 is reserved for troubleshooting and further exploration of routing problems that can occur: route leaks, prefix hijacks and blackholes.

We leave the training lab running for 2 weeks after the course, should you wish to log in again to revisit any of the labs, or just experiment further. (Further access is available provided there is no other course due to run in the lab.)


Introduction to Peering and BGP Routing is a two day introductory workshop covering:

  • Internet: Peering and Transit
  • Routing technology overview
  • 7 Layer OSI model and IP
  • Basics of IP subnetting: CIDR, IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
  • Using the command line (CLI)
  • Configuring an IGP, iBGP
  • Configuring BGP for peering and transit
  • Route servers
  • IRRDB and RPKI
  • Routing and peering policy
  • Troubleshooting


Course Title: Introduction to Peering and BGP Routing
Date: 11-12 December 2019
Location: Cloudflare, London

Places are limited due to the hands-on nature of the course.

Note: We are limiting places to two individuals per organisation, in order of registration. If there are more people at your organisation that would like to attend, please contact us. Free places will be offered where possible if there are more than two participants wishing to attend.

Thanks to support from Cloudflare, we are again able to offer this course free of charge. The course will be held at the Cloudflare offices in London (County Hall).

LONAP Members are also invited to attend “Trefbash 10” - LONAP Social on 12th December, after the course.

Please ensure that you have correctly filled in your email and phone number so that we can contact you if the course arrangements change.

Registration for this course is closed

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