Internet Exchange Point


The collector is a LONAP-managed router on the exchange that all members peer with to enable troubleshooting. The collector's purpose is to allow us to monitor our members' connections and to collect statistics about the exchange.

The collector does not advertise any routes; it does not share routes between members. Routes that you send to the collector will not be announced to any other party. That is the purpose of the route servers, which are optional. Peering with the collector is however mandatory.

It is a condition of membership that all members must set up peering sessions with the collector. Please advertise what you would advertise to a normal peer at LONAP. You do not have to advertise any routes, but we would prefer that you do for debugging and statistical purposes (no traffic will be sent to you). The collector will not announce any routes back to you.

Dropped sessions on the collector result in an alert to the duty engineer, so we ask members to treat it with the same courtesy as their other peering sessions and announce planned maintenance (either privately, or via the members mailing list if it affects all peers).

How to use

There is a single collector for IPv4 and IPv6. Members should establish sessions as follows:

  • Collector - AS 8330
  • IPv4 Address:
  • IPv6 Address: 2001:7f8:17::208a:1
  • Accept: no routes
  • Announce: Whatever you would announce to a normal peer (preferable), or none

Sessions with the collector and the routes announced can be troubleshooted using the collector looking glass.