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LONAP traffic up and to the right

LONAP traffic continues to grow with a new peak this month of over 240 Gbps. I’d just been thinking of rattling off a quick post telling you we have broken through the 200 Gbps mark at 206 Gbps when lo and behold that post became instantly obsolete.

There have been 3 or 4 record levels of traffic in the last month and it can only go in one direction.

Traffic growth is being helped by some of our large eyeball and content provider members who have been provisioning 100Gbps ports this year on our new Arista based core network.

It’s such a pleasure to be involved with LONAP. A pleasure and a privilege. The team is great and the members are all great. Andy, Will and I are going to be at RIPE73 in Madrid next week catching up with existing members and prospects. Look out for a little competition we are going to be running on Facebook.

Don’t forget to sign up for our Workshop and Christmas Party on 8th December.

For those unfamiliar with the Internet Exchange Point world The London Access Point (LONAP) was first established in 1997 as a “not for profit” Internet Exchange Point for London. Today, our list of active members includes global brands, London businesses and FTSE100 companies, all of which are joint stakeholders in the organisation. As members, they all have exclusive interconnectivity and direct input into the configuration of the network and enjoy the commercial, operational and social benefits of working with a vibrant and dynamic exchange.

Our growing membership includes ISPs, network operators and content providers with their own data networks. LONAP members exchange traffic using a network of interconnected switches hosted in our data centres across the City of London and Docklands.

Ciao amigos. See you in Madrid?

Trefor Davies is a Director of LONAP.

This article first appeared at blog and is reprinted with permission.

The very early days of LONAP – The London Neutral Access Point