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LONAP Red Hot BBQ T-Shirt Giveaway

Yay the summer is here and it’s sizzling hot. It must be time for the LONAP BBQ. Oh wait, maybe not! Darn it. We’ve been so busy keeping the network running cool when the heat is on, we forgot about the lockdown.

Not really - but the BBQ definitely isn’t happening this year for obvious reasons. If for no other reason than that none of us want to hop on public transport unless absolutely necessary or drink beer through face masks.

Never mind. We’ve cancelled the burgers but worrawe gonna do with all the t-shirts we deliberately ordered knowing there wasn’t going to be a BBQ? Well we’re going to give them away anyway of course.

This isn’t just the usual fantastic LONAP members giveaway. We want all our friends in the wider UK internet industry to have an awesome “Didn’t go to the BBQ but still got the T-Shirt” t-shirt as well. Colleagues across the UK have done amazing feats these last months to keep the UK Internet running smoothly despite challenging conditions. Let’s celebrate the unprecedented teamwork.

T-Shirt Previews

There are two unique and funky designs to choose from. Check ‘em out here in more detail: Design 1 and Design 2 . You can choose a “fitted t” or “unisex” which might suit the engineers of ampler proportions amongst us ;)

Just pop your deets in the boxes below and hit next to choose your garment and we will post you the swag. We also have some great gadgets we will drop in the bag for you alongside the t-shirt. You will have to wait for the postie to arrive to find out what they are. Exciting eh? Never a dull moment ;)

You have until 31st July to get your order in, but don’t delay. The sooner you get the t-shirt the better. In fact when you get the t-shirt why not send or tweet us a photo of you wearing a LONAP “Didn’t go to the BBQ” t-shirt at your own back garden BBQ?

UK addresses only sorry and we aim to have everything sent out in August.

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