Internet Exchange Point

Board of Directors

The LONAP board consists of four elected directors and the managing director. The elected directors serve for a term of four years and are elected or re-elected at the annual general meetings by the members. The managing director is a permanent member of staff.

The elected directors hold a largely non-executive role in the company, setting high-level strategy, direction and goals. Day to day operations are carried out by the permanent staff.

The board select a chairperson and a finance director from their number. The current Chair of LONAP is Trefor Davies.

Elected Directors

    • David Croft
    • David Croft More » Director (Elected 14 January 2020) view profile

      David runs Sargasso Networks, manages the network at Electromagnetic Field and joined our board as a director in January 2020.

    • Trefor Davies
    • Trefor Davies More » Director (Chair) (Elected 10 January 2013) view profile

      Tref has organised a number of high profile events including the carrier pigeon vs broadband race in 2010 (global exposure) and the Move Over IPv4 Bring on IPv6 event to mark the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space in 2011.

      He is an entrepreneur and has been involved in a number of startups including Timico where he was co-founder and CTO. Tref left Timico after 10 years to start another business.

    • Martin Levy
    • Martin Levy More » Director (Elected 15 December 2015) view profile

      Martin Levy holds a Distinguished Engineer position at Cloudflare, a global company based in San Francisco, California. He has been involved in the operational world of TCP/IP for more nearly 40 years and has spent nearly half of that time focused on the well-being of Internet backbones, peering and efficient distribution of content.

      Martin worked at the prestigious Bell Telephone Laboratories in the early 80s with a career that revolved around the early days of deploying TCP/IP, DNS and routing protocols on Unix boxes. He has since worked on both early TCP/IP application development along with building global IP networks from the mid 90s to mid 2000s. Martin is mainly known for his dedication and unrelenting pursuit of the deployment of IPv6 within the global Internet. This is well documented online. In March 2014 he joined Cloudflare.

      Martin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing and Cybernetics from the University of Kent, Canterbury. He was born in London and has traveled extensively throughout his life. He now resides in California and has done so for well over half his life. He’s a UK/US dual citizen.

    • Peter Taphouse
    • Peter Taphouse More » Finance Director (Elected 11 October 2017) view profile

      Peter was a co-founder of Bytemark Hosting, designing an extensive core network & data centre and managed Bytemark’s finances until 2015. He is now their Operations Director.

Staff Directors

    • Richard Irving
    • Richard Irving More » Director view profile

      Richard has over 30 years industry experience in the Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider environment.

      He started his career with British Rail’s Telecommunications division and specialised in various aspects of the BR Packet Switched data network including IBM SNA/HDLC and Radio. More recently he has worked for GTS/Ebone, KPNQwest, Sprint, Cogent, TATA and AboveNet, holding both Operational and Commercial roles.