Internet Exchange Point

Board of Directors

The LONAP board consists of four elected directors and the managing director. The elected directors serve for a term of three years and are elected or re-elected at the annual general meetings by the members. The managing director is a permanent member of staff.

The elected directors hold a largely non-executive role in the company, setting high-level strategy, direction and goals. Day to day operations are carried out by the permanent staff.

The board select a chairperson and a finance director from their number. The current Chair of LONAP is Peter Taphouse.

Elected Directors

    • David Croft
    • David Croft More » Director (Elected 14 January 2020) view profile

      David has wide experience in network architecture and engineering as a long-time consultant to many different businesses across multiple industries. He is Network Infrastructure Lead at ASK4, where he heads up the team responsible for their core network, and a director of Sargasso Networks. He also leads the network team for the biennial Electromagnetic Field technology festival. David holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Southampton and is a member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

    • Jamie Lesley
    • Jamie Lesley More » Director (Elected 2 February 2022) view profile

      Jamie Lesley was elected to the LONAP Board at the Annual General Meeting held on 2nd February 2022.

      Jamie is a member of the Netflix EMEA network partnerships team, focusing on improving network efficiency and improving member experience. Prior to this, he was responsible for Twitch/AWS IVS network and interconnection strategy in APAC and EMEA.

    • Andy Rawnsley
    • Andy Rawnsley More » Finance Director (Elected 28 April 2021) view profile

      Andy Rawnsley is the Chief Architect of Gamma. He is responsible for Gamma’s high-level architecture, network design, technology standardisation and the firm’s strategy towards technology. Andy joined Gamma in 2002, during the early days of the telco’s foundation.

      Andy is also a board member of the NICC, a technical forum which develops interoperability standards for public communications networks and services in the UK. NICC is an independent organisation owned and run by its members.

      Prior to Gamma, Andy worked for AT&T and Global Crossing in a series of roles involving account management, sales, technical sales, product development and product management.

      Andy graduated from Aston University with a degree in Engineering. He is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

    • Peter Taphouse
    • Peter Taphouse More » Director (Chair) (Elected 11 October 2017) view profile

      Peter co-founded Bytemark Hosting in 2002 and acted as a director until a successful sale to IOMart PLC in 2018. While there he was responsible for the company’s servers, network, and data centres, implemented its ISO27001 certified ISMS and until 2016 managed the finances. Since being elected to the board of LONAP in 2017 he has taken on the role of Finance Director and overseen the transition to new accountants, VAT review and overhauled the company’s management accounts. Peter has a Degree in Maths and Computer Science from Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Staff Directors

    • Richard Irving
    • Richard Irving More » Director view profile

      Richard has over 30 years industry experience in the Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider environment.

      He started his career with British Rail’s Telecommunications division and specialised in various aspects of the BR Packet Switched data network including IBM SNA/HDLC and Radio. More recently he has worked for GTS/Ebone, KPNQwest, Sprint, Cogent, TATA and AboveNet, holding both Operational and Commercial roles.

Elected Directors remuneration

  • LONAP has a small team and sometimes there are projects that require skills that the staff do not have. This skills gap is addressed by either upskilling the existing staff or using a contractor. On occasion it may be that an elected director has the required skill and it may be appropriate for the elected director to be paid for this work in addition to any other payments for acting as a Director of the company.

    Any such additional work shall be after agreement is reached between the Board of Directors and the individual director undertaking the work. The Managing Director represents the Board of Directors in the negotiation of the work and may not necessarily refer to the Board if the budget exists to cover the proposed work. Nevertheless the MD is responsible for demonstrating value for money in the transaction.

    The elected directors are each paid for 8 days a year plus a 7.5% pension contribution as required by law. The director overseeing finance is paid an additional 2 days (total 10) and the Chair is paid an additional 8 days (total 16).

    The elected directors are also paid for "Additional work managing the exchange"; this relates to activities such as helping with training courses, providing specific skills referred to above and engaging with the community at events like RIPE.

    For the Financial Year ending March 2023, the following day rates apply:

    Directors’ responsibilities, i.e. Board Meetings etc £598.13 per day.
    Managing an Internet Exchange, i.e. any other work £464.95 per day.

    Further information on the NED responsibilities is here: