Internet Exchange Point



    • Tom Bird
    • Tom Bird More » Contractor view profile

      Tom has been working on internet connectivity and hosting in some capacity since the 90s, starting with an old PC in a cupboard on a 64k Pipex line at a local printing firm, moving on through the UK’s largest domain reseller, followed by creating a medium sized wireless ISP network in Nottingham, and then helping to maintain a large number of enterprise networks in Spain, including briefly having enable access on the actual AS 1234.

      He also spent time with BBC Research and wrote the first version of iPlayer that actually worked (you’re welcome). He currently runs Portfast Ltd which provides hosting, cloud services and domain names and is based in Sheffield, provides freelance technical assistance to other networks including the LONAP peering point in London, and is technical director of Idaq Networks which, among other things, provides city-wide free wifi throughout Sheffield and is peering at LONAP.

    • Kelly Conyard
    • Kelly Conyard More » Administration

      Kelly looks after LONAP’s day to day finances and Membership Administration. She has over 10 years experience in similar roles and has been with the company since 2011. Kelly is the first point of contact for all enquiries.

    • Will Hargrave
    • Will Hargrave More » Technical Director view profile

      Will is our Technical Director. As well as carrying out duties of an executive board member, he brings an extensive familiarity with IX design and operation at a time when ISP interconnection is being recognised as very important for improved performance and end user experience.

    • Richard Irving
    • Richard Irving More » Director view profile

      Richard has over 30 years industry experience in the Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider environment.

      He started his career with British Rail’s Telecommunications division and specialised in various aspects of the BR Packet Switched data network including IBM SNA/HDLC and Radio. More recently he has worked for GTS/Ebone, KPNQwest, Sprint, Cogent, TATA and AboveNet, holding both Operational and Commercial roles.

    • Robert Lister
    • Robert Lister More » Senior Network Engineer view profile

      Rob started as LONAP’s first full-time Senior Network Engineer in January 2012 to support the day-to-day operations and growth of the exchange; he has significant experience in layer 2 peering and IXP networks in particular. Rob deals with most of the day-to-day support queries, new connections and upgrades, and is happy to have a chat on the phone about anything, but particularly if it’s about peering at LONAP.

      Rob has worked in a number of roles including technical support, training and system administration for a variety of companies including Demon Internet, McLaren F1 and LINX.

      When not lurking in a data centre, he can often be found riding or fixing bicycles, and is a volunteer for various organisations in London.